Frequently Asked Questions


What can I store at EZ Secure Storage? Is there anything I am not allowed to store here?

You can store almost anything here as long as they are not perishable, flammable and illegal.
You cannot store gas, any flammable items, fireworks, perishable foods or materials,
dangerous chemicals, goods of an illegal nature or live animals.

What happens if I reserve the wrong size and when I move in it's too big or too small?

You can change your size at short notice, as long there is availability.

There will be no charge for upsize or downsize. All charges will be pro-rate.

How much notice do I need to give before I can move my goods into storage?

If you have registered your account at our office, been assigned your unit and personal
passcode, you can move in immediately.
If you are a new customer, you can move in your goods the same day of registration or by
arrangement, at your convenience.

Does EZ Secure Storage provide padlock?

Yes, we do. You can purchase at our Lock Store upon arrival, or you can also bring
your own padlock from home.


When are the times that I can access my unit?

You can access your unit at the facility at any time of the day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,for as long your personal passcode is active and the key to your padlock.

What happens if another person tries to break into my storage unit? How secure is your facility? What are the security systems in place?

The facility is lighted and gated, and a passcode is required for access.
Moreover, the facility is under 24-hour digital video surveillance, and each storage unit is
individually alarmed for added protection.
For example if an unauthorized person enters the facility without using your passcode, and
opens the door the door to your unit, the alarm will trigger and send signal to our system
alerting us on an break-in.
In addition, locks are checked regularly for tampering.

What happens if I forget my passcode?

You can always contact our Storage Consultants during office hours and we shall provide you
with your current passcode, or reset it to a new passcode, whichever you prefer.

Does someone have to be in the office to let me through the security gates?

No. At the time of registration you will be given your own security password code that will
allow you access at anytime 24/7.

Do I have to sign in at the reception or guardhouse each time I enter the facility?

No, registration is only needed at the guardhouse if you enter the facility after office hours.
It is needed to maintain safety and health of you and others.

What happens if I forget my unit number and its location?

Please be rest assured, as whenever you key in your passcode, the light will automatically lit
on the pathway leading to your unit. If you are still not able to verify your unit, you can
always give us a call during office hours and we will tell you what your unit number is.

Can I use my storage space to do any kind of work?

– No, you cannot work on any motorized vehicle or equipment on the property.
– No work of any kind can be performed inside or outside of the Leased Space .
– The Leased Space is for storage only. This also means you cannot paint or sand anything on
the property.


What is an Administrative fee and how many times will I be charged with it?

It is a one-time fee that you will be charged at RM20.00 during the registration of your account.

What is a Stamp Duty Fee?

It is a one-time fee for every storage unit you rent, charged at RM25.00 per unit. For example if
you have registered your account with EZ Secure Storage and are renting 2 units, you will be
charged RM25.00 for each unit = RM50.00

What is the Insurance about?

The Insurance is a compulsory fee that is charged for as long as you are renting a unit here.
The Premium is charged at RM3.00 per month, for a minimum Sum Insured of RM1,000.00 and
customization for sum insured is available.

When is my rent due?

Your rent is always due on the Anniversary date of the day you signed your contract.
For example, if you signed a contract on the 15th of the month it will be due on the 15th of
the next month.

What is the minimum rental period?

Minimum storage is 14 days, unused rental will be refunded after move out.

Are there racking in the units?

No, but rental of racks is available.

Do you offer climate controlled units?

Absolutely! We offer climate controlled units up to 120sqft.

Can I just stop by to view the facility and storage spaces? Or do I need an appointment?

Stop by anytime between our office hours and we shall give you a tour.

How much notice do I need to give before I move out?

Only 14 days termination notice is required.